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Carminati Srl has been operating for over half a century in the customized production of rigid shaped pipes for all sectors . Our experience and our professionalism in tube shaping, guaranteed by a production sector with specialized technicians and cutting-edge machinery, allow us to satisfy every need.

We work starting from a drawing, generally making double-walled, copper-plated and galvanized shaped pipes with a diameter of up to 8 millimeters. Upon request, building special dies, we also process products with a larger diameter. Our shaped pipes are suitable for low, medium and high pressures: the pipes are shaped ad hoc.

Family management, now in its fourth generation , is synonymous with continuity and allows us to have a direct, agile relationship with each customer, who finds in Carminati Srl an interlocutor dedicated to his needs, equipped with the flexibility necessary to provide an excellent product. within the agreed times.

Our industrial structure, which mixes the skills of workshop and production , is able to provide shaped pipes for a myriad of functions, including pipes for brake systems and clutches, for injection systems, for hydraulic systems, for cooling circuits, conditioning and more.



Since 2007, Carminati Srl has restructured its business in order to guarantee maximum quality for each customer and offer a work done in a workmanlike manner. The adoption of a quality management system has led to the acquisition of the ISO 9001: 2008 certification , a guarantee of compliance with the national legislation that defines the requirements for improving the effectiveness and efficiency in the realization of the product.

The main tool of our quality control is the Cam FARO arm , which allows you to carry out a three-dimensional check with the customer's design to ensure consistency between the finished product and the original request.



Carminati srl offers customized shaped pipes production services for BRAKING, HYDRAULIC, REFRIGERANT SYSTEMS .


Carminati srl offers a direct sales service for industry and automotive sector of SINGLE WALL, DOUBLE WALL AND BUNDY TUBES.


Carminati srl continuously updates its machinery park to ensure innovative solutions in step with the times, currently our production sector uses CRIPPA and BLM machinery .



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